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The Earthbound Cook

(book, Myra Goodman)

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Is cage-free the same as free-range? Is grass-fed worth the price? What’s better: farmed salmon or wild? Organic salad that’s been shipped across the country, or local salad grown with pesticides? To nuke leftovers in the microwave or crank up the oven? Myra Goodman — the co-owner of Earthbound Farm, the country’s largest producer of organic produce — brings both sides of the dinner dilemma together by showing us what to shop for and how to cook it.

The Earthbound Cook pairs 250 sumptuous recipes with all the information cooks need to make greener, smarter choices, including tips on making the most eco-friendly meat choices, decoding the labels on poultry and eggs, and going vegetarian at least one day a week.
Amazing Turkey Chili