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 h1. Dear Reader,
 At Culinate, we cover food from more than one angle, but always with good eating in mind. This week we're featuring vibrant vegetables, everything you might like to know about yeast, and reflections on dining alone, from a just-released book on the same subject. 

 Have you checked out our newest column, Health+Food? Columnist Catherine Bennett Dunster wrote recently about gluten intolerance, a subject we're hearing about more and more as people realize they may have celiac disease. 
 Summer produce is making us giddy. Check out some simple ways we've been enjoying it in the Produce Diaries.

 And finally, I invite you to take a spin through our Sift section, where there's a dusting of food news for everyone.

 Enjoy the fruits of summer,
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: Purple tomatoes, anyone? Vegetables in deep colors are on their way.
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story2text: According to columnist Matthew Amster-Burton, instant yeast works just fine.

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recipe1text: A zesty spin on pasta salad with fresh tomatoes and herbs.

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recipe2text: We can't get enough of David Lebovitz's ice-cream sandwiches.

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