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DIY pet food goes national

(article, Culinate staff)

For years, one of the most popular posts on Culinate has been Jim Dixon's how-to on making your own dog food. Just last week, the same topic hit the top of the New York Times' most-emailed list, with a story that expanded the DIY category to include homemade cat food. As reporter Samantha Storey noted,

bq. It’s hard to justify dumping a can of mystery meat for Bo while the rest of the family is sitting down to grass-fed osso buco with a side of biodynamic polenta. As people eat more sustainable seasonal produce and meat raised and butchered outside the industrial system, so do their pets. And as do-it-yourself hobbies like canning, gardening, and raising backyard chickens have taken off in recent years, grinding 40 pounds of pet food starts to look like another fun weekend project.