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Gluten-Free Lemon Scones

(recipe, Catherine Bennett Dunster)


This recipe was adapted from the book [%bookLink code=1572840811 "Gluten-Free Baking Classics"], by Annalise Roberts.


  1. 2 cups Brown Rice Flour Mix (see Note)
  2. ¼ cup sugar
  3. 1 Tbsp. baking powder
  4. ¾ tsp. xanthan gum (see Note)
  5. ½ tsp. salt
  6. Zest of 1 lemon
  7. 5 Tbsp. unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
  8. 2 large eggs
  9. ½ cup milk


  1. Position rack in center of oven and preheat to 425 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment, if you like, or just use an ungreased baking sheet.
  2. In a medium bowl combine flour mix, sugar, baking powder, xanthan gum, salt, and lemon zest. Cut butter in until mixture resembles a coarse meal.
  3. In a large bowl beat eggs with an electric mixer until very light and foamy. Add flour-butter mixture and milk all at once, and mix at medium-low speed for 1 minute.
  4. Flour your hands (with Brown Rice Flour mix) to pat out dough into a large, 1-inch-thick round on lightly floured surface. Cut circle into 8 small triangles.
  5. Place dough on baking sheet and put in center of oven. Turn oven temperature down to 375 and bake 20 to 25 minutes until golden and cooked through. Serve warm with butter.


Brown Rice Flour Mix: 2 cups brown rice flour (use extra finely ground) 2/3 cup potato starch (not potato flour) 1/3 cup tapioca flour Roberts suggests using a soup spoon to spoon the flour from the package into a measuring cup and leveling with a knife rather than scooping these flours directly out of the package with the measuring cup. Prior to using the flour mix, shake the storage container to aerate the mix. Xanthan gum is produced from the fermentation of corn sugar; it improves the structure and texture in gluten-free baked goods, and is also used to thicken sauces and salad dressings. It can be found in the baking section of your grocery store. Be sure to read Catherine Bennett Dunster's column about options for the gluten-free eater.