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(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,

 Having never been much of a big-group cook, I'm challenged this week, helping my daughter plan five days of meals for 22 rock climbers. The considerations for the menu are numerous: Food has to be easy to transport and easy to prepare, inexpensive, filling, and tasty. I'm trying to work in some vegetables and keep packaging to a minimum; her major concern is that people like to eat the food we assemble.

 Meanwhile, today, Dinner Guest blogger Harriet Fasenfest is coaching us how to cook soup on a budget. Her primary concern, in this post, is frugality, but flavor, too, is a focus.

 Every time a cook begins his or her work, there are choices to be made: How much will this cost? How nutritious will it be? How much time will it take to prepare? How will it taste if I do it this way, or that? Can I substitute ingredients? 

 That's a lot of questions already — and there are more that come up, I'm sure. But what I do know is this: The cooking muscles, while metaphorical (like the so-called writing muscles,) can atrophy if we don't use them. But if we use them, even a little each day, they grow stronger and more flexible.

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Matt Lewis, co-owner of Baked, in Brooklyn, offers suggestions for the home baker." 
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recipe1text: "A near-perfect dish for a cold winter day."
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recipe2text: "James Beard adds rosewater to this elegant loaf."

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