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The joy of joi choi

(article, Miriam Wolf)

So far, the produce load has been manageable. It’s only Tuesday and already most of our weekly delivery is gone. But it’s still early in the season, and I know once the harvest really gets going that eating/freezing/drying all this lovely produce may become a full-time occupation.
The delivery: Gardenripe came by Thursday and delivered a huge bag of lettuce, a couple of dinners worth of joi choi, a bunch of swiss chard, and a generous load of sugar snap peas.
[%image chard width=400 float=right caption="The chard went into a crustless quiche."] The results: Of course, the sugar snap peas were the pick hit. Some of the sweet, toothsome pods went into a stir-fry the first night (along with the joi choi — a mild and juicy bok choi hybrid); a bunch more were taken on a hike and prized for their crisp refreshment. The chard was perfectly tender and both the stems (first sautéed until they were tender) and the leaves went into a Sunday-morning crustless quiche.

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