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The top 25 food blogs

(article, Culinate staff)

Food website The Daily Meal recently published a list of the top 25 food blogs. No, not the top 25 as picked by the site's editors, nor the top 25 as picked by the site's readers, but the top 25 as picked by the Internet: 

bq. The Daily Meal's editorial team waded through no fewer than 13 "Best Of" lists that named more than 130 food blogs and looked at the results in tandem with Google page rankings. Then we averaged the number of unique visitors throughout the past year using's  monthly statistics. 

These scientific-ish results are largely what you'd expect: longtime stalwarts such as Simply Recipes, 101 Cookbooks, Smitten Kitchen, and Orangette, as well as a few gimmicky faves (Cake Wrecks and This Is Why You're Fat).

For the full list, you'll have to sit through the website's slideshow.