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 h1. Dear readers,

 Tomorrow on her Table Talk chat, Kim O'Donnel will offer advice and ideas for making holiday treats — cookies, candies, and whatever else people need help cooking during this season of sweets. This is a great opportunity to ask a pro whether you really need to sift the flour, or whether you can substitute honey for sugar in a favorite cookie. Try to stump her! (I'm doubting you can.) Join the chat at 10 a.m. PT, 1 p.m. ET, on Thursday, December 2. 

 Throughout the month on Culinate, we'll bring ideas for amping up your holiday cooking and entertaining. I've come to believe that there are few greater gifts to friends and family members than home-cooked food. Two features that we've run in the past — the [/articles/ourtable/welcometothesweet16 "Sweet Sixteen"] holiday treats blog and a round-up of holiday gifts you can make at home — are worth calling to your attention once again.

 Hanukkah, the first of the December holidays this year, is upon us. A joyous wish to all who are lighting the menorah tonight! And here too is Joan Nathan's rugelach recipe — to help you get into the spirit of the season.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Laura Grace Weldon, on how all pie is not created equal, and how even thinking about fast food makes us a little crazy." 
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story2text: "She was an anorexic college student; now, as an adult, she's a food writer: Ruth Tobias recalls a turning point in her young life." 

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recipe1text: "This easy vegetarian dinner boasts a winning combination of flavors."
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recipe2text: "A classic, as rendered by cookbook author Ronnie Fein."

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