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Hello World - or: Why Teriyaki Chicken?

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Teriyaki (照り 焼き, テリヤキ) is a often refereed to as the famous sauce, yet is actually a whole cooking style of the Japanese Cuisine, meaning basically not more than broiling or grilling. Thus, fish and meat (particularly beef and poultry) but also vegetables are main ingredients to be marinated with teriyaki sauce and then fried or grilled. 

Teriyaki sauce is a mixture of soy sauce, ginger, mirin, sake and sugar or honey and is ready mixed in Asian shops available. But it's also easy to be prepared at home. 

When I first discovered the precious sauce, I overdid it for a while and applied it nearly to every food I prepared. While this is not a bad idea and the sauce is really quite versatile, I recommend using it somewhat more cautious now. Stll, I dedicated an entire website with Teriyaki Recipes to it. 

And I still ended up here...
Looking for variations