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 h1. Dear readers,

 As always, there's lots of noise coming out of the nation's capital — this week it's North Korea, the TSA, and, the party changeover of the House majority —  and it would be easy to miss an important bill that's up for discussion: the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, known more casually as the food safety bill.  

 This legislation could have far-reaching implications for the food supply in the United States. ABC News has a round-up of impressions of the bill, with such calm voices as Marion Nestle and Caroline Smith DeWaal of the Center for Science in Public Interest weighing in. A few days ago, Ezra Klein of the Washington Post asked Michael Pollan what he thought of the bill.  

 Food safety litigator Bill Marler published his own explanation of what the bill, with its current amendments, does and doesn't do (read the comments to see a range of opinions about the bill). And Bonnie Azab Powell is also keeping tabs over at Grist.

 Today, Rob Kasper, with the Baltimore Sun, predicts the bill will come up for a vote — and be passed — on Monday, but law-making is an unpredictable business. 

 On the eve of Thanksgiving, it might be an especially apt time to remember that eating —  taking a substance into our bodies — is inherently fraught with danger (and, it must be said, pleasure). Here's hoping this bill — along with good food-handling practices — will keep us all a little healthier.

 Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and may your turkeys cook perfectly.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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