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India Cookbook

(book, Pushpesh Pant)

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h4. From the publisher

India Cookbook is the first comprehensive guide to Indian cooking, with over 1,000 recipes covering every aspect of India's rich and colorful culinary heritage. Unlike many other Indian cookbooks, it is written by an Indian culinary academic and cookbook author who lives and works in Delhi, and the recipes are a true reflection of how traditional dishes are really cooked all over India. They have been carefully edited to ensure that they are simple to follow and achievable in Western kitchens, with detailed information about authentic cooking utensils and ingredients. 

Now, for the first time, a definitive, wide-ranging and authoritative book on authentic Indian food is available, making it simple to prepare your favorite Indian dishes at home, alongside less well-known dishes such as bataer masalydaar (marinated quails cooked with almonds, chiles, and green cardamom), or sambharachi kodi (Goan prawn curry with coconut and tamarind). 

The comprehensive chapters on breads, pickles, spice pastes, and chutneys contain a wide variety of recipes rarely seen in Indian cookbooks, such as bagarkhani roti (a rich sweet bread with raisins, cardamom, and poppy seeds) and tamatar ka achar (tomato and mustard-seed pickle). 

India Cookbook is the only book on Indian food you'll ever need.