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Stylish grub

(article, Culinate staff)

In Newsweek's current cover story about America's foodie wars, author Lisa Miller notes that edible goods have overtaken the traditional luxuries of expensive clothing and jewelry as an indication of how stylish, trendy, and rich you are.

The Wall Street Journal has also reported on the convergence of high fashion and edible fashion. The Journal finds it all rather amusing, while Food & Wine magazine is serious about the new glamour of DIY butchery, listing '"conscientious who show eaters how to raise, slaughter, and butcher meat humanely. 

So how do you turn a butchery trend into actual fashion? If you're clothing company Nau, you simply shoot an actual butcher wearing your products. Portland's own Camas Davis, for example, got a shout-out in the Food & Wine piece as well as a modeling turn for Nau's latest collection, complete with meat and cleaver in hand.