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Lemon Sugar Cookies

(recipe, Elizabeth Gordon)

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  1. 6 Tbsp. water
  2. 2 Tbsp. ground flaxseed meal
  3. 2½ cups Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking Flour (see Note)
  4. 1 tsp. baking powder
  5. 1 tsp. baking soda
  6. 1 tsp. xanthan gum
  7. ¼ tsp. salt
  8. 1 cup organic palm-fruit oil shortening (see Note)
  9. ¾ cup granulated sugar
  10. ¾ cup packed light brown sugar
  11. 1 Tbsp. lemon extract
  12. Grated zest from one large lemon


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
  2. In a small bowl, combine the water and flaxseed meal and allow to thicken for 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, xanthan gum, and salt.
  4. In the bowl of a stand mixer, cream together the shortening and sugars. Scrape down the sides of the bowl, add in the lemon extract, lemon zest, and flaxseed-meal mixture, and beat the batter again until it is fluffy and the flaxseed is thoroughly mixed in.
  5. Add in the dry ingredients and mix the batter until thoroughly combined.
  6. Using a small ice-cream scoop, drop the dough 2 inches apart onto the prepared baking sheets.
  7. Bake for 14 minutes, or until the centers are no longer wet. Transfer the baking sheets from the oven to cooling racks and cool for 10 minutes, then transfer the cookies directly onto the racks to cool completely.
  8. Store the cookies in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 5 days, or freeze for up to 3 months.


Culinate editor's notes: Check the gluten-free section of your grocery store to see which brands of all-purpose gluten-free baking mix are available. (Arrowhead Mills, for example, makes a version as well as Bob's Red Mill.) For palm-fruit-oil shortening, check near the Crisco for vegetable-based, non-hydrogenated shortening, such as Spectrum's organic all-vegetable shortening.