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Real wheat

(article, Culinate staff)

If you've gotten used to eating, say, bread or muffins made with a mixture of wheats, not just plain old refined white flour, you may have noticed that refined-flour treats taste, well, bland. But the folks at Community Grains in California aim to make you leave behind those boring refined snacks for good. 

As Beth Hoffman reported on Civil Eats earlier this month, the millers of Community Grains want you to realize that whole-grain flours are actually delicious. Their stone-ground products (wheat and polenta, as yet not available on the retail market) are designed to replace refined flours entirely:

bq. “I used to call whole-wheat bread or pasta a ‘hippie experience in your mouth,’” said Oliveto’s executive chef, Paul Canales, of the gritty texture of \[most\] whole-grain products. “So when Joe \[Vanderliet of Certified Foods\] started claiming we could use 100 percent of his whole-grain flour in everything, I laughed. But it turned out, you really could.”