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 h1. Dear readers,
 I first learned about Slow Food almost two decades ago — when a chapter formed in Portland (the first, in fact, in the U.S.). A charismatic professor, Carlo Petrini, helped create the organization  in italy in the late 1980s, as a response to the fast food that was becoming predominant in the United States and spreading fast to other countries. 

 These days, Slow Food is bigger, with some 100,000 members from more than 132 countries. Slow Food sponsors the biannual Terra Madre, a food conference in Turin, Italy, which took place just last month, and other food events throughout the world.

 The organization promotes heritage breeds and heirloom plants (going so far as to create seed banks) and celebrates local food traditions through the Ark of Taste program. Slow Food not only serves to educate the wider public about the dangers of fast food, but also to lobby for such issues as school gardens and lunch reform.

 At Culinate, we have long supported the ideals of Slow Food, and just recently I renewed my personal membership. This month only, Slow Food USA is offering $25 memberships; a membership will not only enable you to find out firsthand what's going on at the national and international levels in the effort to restore balance in our food systems, but also to hear from your local SF chapter. I hope you'll join me in supporting this worthy organization.

 Furthermore, if you have considered buying the How to Cook Everything app for iPhone or iPod Touch for yourself or as a holiday gift for someone else, now is a good time to do so: Through the end of the year, a portion of the sale will go to Slow Food USA. (To ensure proper credit, you must use this link to make your purchase.)
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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recipe1text: "This main-course vegetarian dish boasts a rich complexity of flavors and textures."
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recipe2text: "A long-time favorite of our recipe editor, this comes from 'Chez Panisse Cooking.'"

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