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Food safety in cheese

(article, Culinate staff)

Washington state's Estrella Family Creamery is one of the region's many beloved artisanal cheesemakers. Or was, since the FDA shut down the family-run operation in October.  

Estrella had issued recalls earlier this year for cheeses possibly contaminated with the deadly Listeria monocytogenes pathogen. But the cheesemaker refused to do another recall this fall after Listeria was detected again. So now the company is closed.

Local paper the Seattle Times covered the shutdown, with a full report as well as food blogger Nancy Leson's wistful eulogy. 

Seattle food-safety advocate Bill Marler had an angry take on the situation. On the other side of the farm fence gathered Estrella supporters, who are busy organizing in support of the cheesemaking family.

Long story short? That small-scale local food may not be safer for you than that jar of mass-produced peanut butter.