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Miso sponge cake

(post, Benjamin Barton)

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Wanted something sweet to go with my excessive espresso consumption dam you nespresso machine.

this is what happened

50g butter - melt
whisk in one tablespoon white miso
whisk three egg yolks with a scant cup sugar (I used brown unrefined)
whisk together – miso and yolk mixtures
Whisk three whites until soft peaks – add ½ cup castor sugar – beat until glossy
Fold in half to slacken then gently the rest
Sift a good cup of self raising flour into the mix in batches
Top with raw sugar and bake @400F until golden approx 12mins

This can be a Kiwi coffee culture treat. 

Serve with green tea cream? Custard? 
Will be great to use as the sponge in a bombed Alaska – Green tea ice-cream, miso sponge and meringue – some candied nori too. I am bad at showing restraint.
Or a ???