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Organic hops, maybe?

(article, Culinate staff)

Not all products labeled "organic" are 100 percent organic. If an ingredient accounts for less than 5 percent of a product's total weight, it doesn't have to be organic — a loophole that's long been a boon for beer producers, who would have to spend two to three times as much to buy certified-organic hops. 

That might change in the next few years, though, since the National Organic Standards Board may soon require organic beer to contain organic hops. This could be good — or not. As the Oregonian_ reported:

bq. Organic yields are lower and less predictable than conventional harvests, \[says Jim Solberg, the co-founder and CEO of Indie Hops\], worrying brewers in an industry that relies on multi-year contracts with farmers. And beer drinkers, unlike consumers of other organic products, don't seem as willing to pay big premiums for organic beer. 

Will you pay more, or not?