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The Coming Famine

(book, Julian Cribb)

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In The Coming Famine, Julian Cribb lays out a vivid picture of impending planetary crisis — a global food shortage that threatens to hit by mid-century — that would dwarf any in our previous experience. 

Cribb's comprehensive assessment describes a dangerous confluence of shortages — of water, land, energy, technology, and knowledge — combined with the increased demand created by population and economic growth. Writing in brisk, accessible prose, Cribb explains how the food system interacts with the environment and with armed conflict, poverty, and other societal factors. 

He shows how high food prices and regional shortages are already sending shockwaves into the international community. But, far from outlining a doomsday scenario, The Coming Famine offers a strong and positive call to action, exploring the greatest issue of our age and providing practical suggestions for addressing each of the major challenges it raises.