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 h1. Dear readers,
 Yesterday an audience of determined Portlanders crowded into a warm banquet room at the Heathman Hotel to hear a conversation between two longtime friends — cookbook author and baking legend Dorie Greenspan and MIX Magazine editor Martha Holmberg. 

 Dorie is touring the United States, promoting her new book, Around My French Table, inspired by the four months each year she spends in Paris. The talk was rich, and time went too quickly, but one of the best things I took home with me was a renewed pledge to cook spontaneous dinner for friends. 

 Dorie, who splits her time among Connecticut, Manhattan, and France, says that she never has people over for dinner in New York — and it's not only because her kitchen is tiny. Instead, they meet at restaurants. In fact, no one Dorie knows in New York has spontaneous dinners. In France, however, she hosts and is hosted regularly — even on school nights. 

 In France, when you invite people to dinner, she said, they might expect good food, but they don't expect restaurant-quality food. Also, they don't use the words "dinner party"; it's just dinner — although it might stretch into several hours. "It's not just about the food — it's about the conversation," she said.

 Like a typical Parisian, Dorie says, she usually purchases dessert at one of the city's famous shops. Once, at her home in Paris, the renowned pastry expert mentioned that she'd made the evening's dessert, a tart. "Why?" asked one of her Parisian guests (although I am sure no one minded much). 

 But if you do want to make dessert, Dorie suggested one of her all-time favorite recipes: World Peace Cookies. Thanks for the inspiration, Dorie — both in your talk and in your books. 
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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