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Avocado Remoulade

(recipe, Katie Hickey)


Originally from Simply Recipes, this called for olive oil, which I subbed in for yogurt. So good, It can be used as a dip for chips.


  1. 2 large avocados, cut and peeled
  2. 3 Tbsp. freshly squeezed lime juice (can substitute lemon)
  3. 3 to 4 Tbsp. plain greek yogurt
  4. 1 Tbsp. minced shallots or green onion
  5. 1 Tbsp. minced parsley
  6. 1 tsp. Dijon mustard or to taste
  7. Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Put avocado pieces and lime juice into a food processor or blender and pulse until blended. Add yogurt and mustard, pulsing, until you reach desired consistency of sauce. Add minced shallots (or green onions) and parsley, pulse just until combined. Remove to a bowl, add more lime juice, mustard, salt and pepper to taste.