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Bouchée with Chocolate Cream

(post, Junko Inoue)

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This pastry, Bouchée, looks like cookies, but the texture is a lot softer and more fluffy. Today’s filling is caramel chocolate cream. This cream is not just sweet, it also has a bit of bitter taste from the caramel sauce. I just want to scoop the cream and eat it! Can I say more? Then I want to be covered with chocolate cream!! Wow, it’s so dangerous!

About the Bouchée, the batter was a little bit more loose than I thought. I need to try again to make it right.

(ingredients for filling)
for caramel sauce
· sugar 50g
· water 1 Tbs
· hot water 25ml
· heavy cream 50ml

chocolate 80g
heavy cream 60ml
sugar 5g
vanilla extract 1/2 tsp