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Sexy foodies

(article, Culinate staff)

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for: the food-reform transition from earnest do-gooder to stylish sexpot. As the New York Times Sunday magazine's annual food issue (out in print yesterday, October 10) noted in a glam slideshow of young foodies from August's Eat Real Festival, "The DIY movement has never tasted (or looked) better." Rowr!

The rest of the issue includes such features as a Michael Pollan whole-goat dinner, a Christine Muhlke piece about the growth of the food-reform movement, a Kim Severson article about sharing a steer with five friends, a John T. Edge piece about a food-focused community center in a blighted neighborhood, and a Barry Estabrook feature on hardscrabble Maine fisherfolk.

Food & Wine magazine also recently contributed to the foodie-news fray with its list of 40 Big Food Thinkers Under 40. Names on that list include Sam Kass (the White House food-policy adviser), Robert Litt (one of Portland's many urban-farm entrepreneurs), and Anya Fernald (the organizer behind the aforementioned Eat Real Festival).