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(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Later this month, a new edition of one of our favorite anthologies, Best Food Writing 2010, will be released. Edited by Holly Hughes (who's been handily doing that job for more than a decade), the book contains work by many writers we admire — Novella Carpenter, Barry Estabrook, Francis Lam, David Leite, and Kim Severson, to name a few.

 We're tremendously pleased that a Culinate essay will be included also: Charlotte Freeman's post, My inner Child: A Christmas to remember, making a croquembouche. If you haven't read Charlotte's essay, I hope you'll make time to check it out. She beautifully conveys the connection between grieving her brother's sudden death and her decision to take on a huge, difficult project: Making Julia Child's croquembouche for a holiday party. The final result was a 30-pound, three-foot tower of French pastry, cream, and caramel — a fitting tribute to a brother who loved Julia.

 A hearty congratulations to Charlotte!

 Two years ago, another Culinate post — Mangoes, memories, and motorcycles, written by Sona Pai, was also featured in Best Food Writing — and it too is worth a visit. In fact, if you like reading essays about food, you might spend some time looking back at all the [/articles/firstperson "First Person"] posts on Culinate, where we taste "the many meanings of food."

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story2text: "Linda Ziedrich delves into 'The Lost Art of Real Cooking,' a new book that celebrates complicated food." 

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recipe1text: "A delicious fruity, spicy cake from Nick Malgieri’s 'Bake!'"
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recipe2text: "A light, flavorful version of the Japanese noodle dish, from Marnie Henricksson."

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