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After 30 years of teaching and nine cookbooks, Nick Malgieri is finally writing the book he's meant to write — a collection of over 30 essential techniques, and recipes derived thereof — outlining the easiest ways to learn the essentials of baking. 

The 20 chapters of Bake! cover all the main techniques of fine baking, starting with simple pastry dough and moving through puff pastry and Danish pastry, to all sorts of breads, quick breads, cakes, and cookies.

The 125 recipes will take all the intimidation out of baking and promise delicious savory and sweet results. Each chapter starts with an Essential Technique and master recipe, accompanied by concise step-by-step photography. Malgieri then includes Essential Tips before providing delicious recipes (with variations) based upon each Essential Technique.

With gorgeous photography of baked goods sprinkled throughout, and a short introduction on ingredients and equipment, Bake! is the only resource you'll need to become an accomplished baker.
Pear and Ginger Cake
Middle Eastern Flatbread Dough
Ekmek (Basic Turkish Flatbread)