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The Lost Art of Real Cooking

(book, Ken Albala & Rosanna Nafziger)

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It's time to take back the kitchen. It's time to unlock the pantry and break free from the shackles of ready-made, industrial food. It's time to cook supper. 

The Lost Art of Real Cooking heralds a new old-fashioned approach to food — laborious and inconvenient, yet extraordinarily rewarding and worth bragging about. From jam, yogurt, and fresh pasta to salami, smoked meat, and strudel, Ken Albala and Rosanna Nafziger arm you with the knowledge and skills that let you connect on a deeper level with what goes into your body. 

Albala and Nafziger celebrate the patience it takes to make your own sauerkraut and pickles. They divulge the mysteries of capturing wild sourdoughs and culturing butter, the beauty of rendering lard, making cheese, and brewing beer, all without the fancy toys that take away from the adventure of truly experiencing your food. 

These foods were once made by the family in the home, rather than by machines in a factory. And they can still be made in the smallest kitchens without expensive equipment, capturing flavors that speak of place and personality. 

What you won't find here is a collection of rigid rules for the perfect meal. Instead, The Lost Art of Real Cooking offers a wealth of recipes, history, and techniques that start with the basics and evolve into dishes that are entirely your own.