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 h1. Dear readers,
 Last week over on Grist, Rebecca Thistlewaite asked some tough questions in her post, "Do you have the balls to really change the food system?" Thistlewaite, a farmer and writer based in California, gives three dozen suggestions for how individuals can make substantive changes in the way our food system works. 

 These suggestions go way beyond "voting with your fork," which, thanks to Michael Pollan, many of us have been about thinking for years. Consider loaning a farmer money, Thistlewaite says, or offering to watch a farm family's kids for an hour at the farmers' market. Eat vegetarian at restaurants that purvey conventionally raised meat; "sweat on a farm sometime."

 Harriet Fasenfest, who's contributed to Culinate since 2007 and is now awaiting the fall publication of her first book — A Householder's Guide to the Universe — is already doing many of these things. In her [/mix/dinnerguest/themeatthebutcherandstrappybluesandals  "most recent post"] on the Dinner Guest blog, Fasenfest describes her uncompromising search for the exact meat she wants to feed her family.  

 The takeaway? As Thistlewaite writes (and Fasenfest demonstrates), "we can't be casual about the food system we want to see." Purchasing sustainably raised food is a first step, but there's more each of us can do.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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recipe2text: "Use the last of the season's fruit in this sweet variation on peaches and cream."

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