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The Frankenfish fight

(article, Culinate staff)

The issue of whether to allow genetically engineered meat and fish to go on sale in American grocery stores has gotten increasing media attention in recent months. First to appear on dining tables may be GMO salmon, as the FDA recently held what may be its last hearing regarding whether AquaBounty's trademarked GMO salmon is safe to eat. 

But, as BusinessWeek reporter Molly Peterson pointed out, "Critics say they're particularly miffed that the FDA is reviewing AquaBounty's altered fish as a veterinary drug rather than creating a new review process for gene-altered foods." Alternet compiled a scathing indictment of the '"junk behind AquaBounty's fish studies, and Grist noted the absurdity of "a regulatory system that puts the companies that want to sell you their genetically engineered product in charge of proving its safety."

The FDA hearings may be over, but you still have till November 22 to share your opinion via public comment.