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Fish focus

(article, Culinate staff)

The September 2010 issue of West Coast lifestyle magazine Sunset is titled "The Coastal Issue." That means articles on how to cook with seaweed, anchovy fishing in San Francisco Bay, and fish tacos made with sustainable albacore tuna. (Alas, the magazine's wine editor, Sara Schneider, also gives tips for pairing wine with sushi, including the very unsustainable unagi and slightly less problematic spicy tuna rolls.) 

Also in the issue (but unavailable online) is the magazine's annual roundup of Coastal Heroes, awarded to "people who have done amazing work in protecting and preserving . . . the Pacific Ocean and its thousands of miles of shoreline." Awardees include actor Ted Danson and his nonprofit Oceana and Jane Lubchenco, the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Assocation. Interested? Check out what's happening in your area for the international Coastal Cleanup Day, held September 25 this year.