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Culinate Newsletter August 25 10

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 As kids we know grow into adults, I love to see the directions they take — whether it's joining the Peace Corps and heading to Mozambique, mastering the art of rock climbing, or becoming savvy gardeners. 

 One friend, Claire, has grown into a cook. To be the rather sudden beneficiary of Claire's culinary explorations — where not so long ago I was simply hoping she'd eat the salmon I was serving for dinner — well, it's a delight. 

 Recently, Claire was experimenting with a David Lebovitz frozen yogurt recipe. She got her mom involved too — and the result is Rose Water Frozen Yogurt, an inspired creation that would be a terrific conclusion to an Indian feast (or any feast, for that matter).

 Thanks, girl!
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Ten tips for DIY kombucha — the fizzy beverage that commands top dollar at the market."
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story2text: "The tomato gardener tends her crop with love and care — and makes a mean Caprese salad." 

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