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Jamie Oliver's slow cooked lamb

(post, ann rooney)

Last night I cooked JO's slow cooked shoulder of lamb for Saturday evening dinner guests.  It is winter and this was the perfect party meal.  Slow cooking took the stress off cooking while entertaining and Jo' Winter coleslaw  made of turnips, fennel, celeriac, cabbage and onion with a yogurt dressing cut through the taste of lamb.

 Aglaia's  pumpkin hummus as a side dish, roast potatoes and carrots and steamed broccoli filled the table as we flaked the lamb off the bone onto our plates. Oh and the gravy made with the juices, mint and red wine vinegar was perfect.

A lovely winter meal with leftovers for us to enjoy. Pink winter hyacinths and a glowing fire in the dinning room made for a perfect evening for our fellow Irish guests as we reminisced about the walled gardens in Ireland. Although we are all a long way from Ireland and enjoy our Australian home it is such fun to view our Irish experiences through rose colored glasses.

To finish we had apple and raspberry crumble with fresh cream.