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E. coli in flour?

(article, Culinate staff)

On his blog, Food Safety News, Bill Marler recently ran a post about the latest possible source of E. coli in food: ordinary flour. Sure, the risk seems greatest for those consumers who eat processed raw cookie dough (and even raw frozen pizza), but don't forget: Even when you're baking at home, plenty of uncooked flour winds up on countertops.

Marler's blog also recently posted a news item about the chemical BPA turning up in store receipts. Unlike the BPA that's gotten so much press in the past few years — the BPA leaching out of baby bottles and can liners — this BPA flakes off grocery-store receipts. Get enough of it on your hands, and you can't wash it off; it absorbs straight through your skin. Not good news for shoppers, and even worse for the clerks ringing up the goods.