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(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Each weekday in the [/articles/sift "Sift section" newpage=true] of Culinate, we focus on something notable in the world of food. This week, there were three items that especially resonated for me:

 First, Paul Greenberg has been getting a lot of press for his new book, Four Fish, about the sorry state of the world's ocean fisheries; check out our [/articles/sift/fourfish "Sift item about the book" newpage=true] to learn more. (You might also want to read Oregonian writer Leslie Cole's recent interview with Greenberg.)

 Next, Vitamin D isn't such a big issue in summertime, when the sun is shining brightly. But the rest of the year? Turns out that when it comes to this important nutrient, our bodies are often in short supply. Check out our recent Sift item on Vitamin D to learn more.

 Finally, cooking teacher (and former Culinate columnist) Helen Rennie has been making knife skills videos. In an email, Rennie, who calls herself a "knife skills evangelist," argued that knowing how to handle a knife leads to better health — and more:

 "I feel particularly strongly about knife skills. If only we could get the new generation of cooks literate about knife skills, they’d cook more, eat more vegetables, and be a lot healthier. So many of my students subscribe to CSAs and so much of this lovely local produce ends up in the trash. It spoils before they can cook it all mostly due to poor storage and avoiding large amounts of chopping. Food politics and health consciousness are good and all, but that’s not what gets you dinner on the table on a Tuesday night when you are tired after work. Knife skills … can fundamentally change your cooking decisions."

 Check out the video, which we '"Sifted"' recently. And then, get chopping!

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "When Susan Troccolo, an American with a food routine, traveled to France, she ate just a little too well."
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story2text: "Jacob Grier is mixing up gin drinks — two classics and a newcomer — for summer imbibing." 

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recipe1text: "Crazy good and a breeze to make, these beets are adapted from a Mark Bittman recipe."
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recipe2text: "This easy cake, by Lauren Chattman, is good alone but also pairs beautifully with summer fruit."

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