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Fourth of July recipes – sorbets and ice cream of the rainbow

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Fourth of July recipes can be a challenge. A good Fourth of July recipe should be easy to make, incredibly tasty and have an element of fun. And red white and blue always makes it better. What is more fun than sorbet and ice cream?

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The basics of frozen desserts

Frozen desserts, ice cream and sorbet alike, could be great for a Fourth of July barbecue dessert. To make a frozen dessert, you have to take a basic mixture of ingredients and freeze it when agitating it. Mixing the ingredients with air when you freeze it keeps the dessert light and edible. There are many choices of how to freeze ice cream. First, you can do the picnic-friendly double can method - take a small coffee can, fill it with the dessert mixture, and tape it closed. Put the small can inside a larger can that is first filled with ice and rock salt, tape the whole thing closed, and kick it around until the ice is very close to melted. You can also buy ice cream makers.

Strawberry sorbet for red

Strawberry sorbet seems simple but you can make it fancy. Blend in a blender:

Do 1 pound of cut and hulled strawberries

The 1/2 cup agave nectar

Do 2 sprigs fresh basil or mint

Then freeze and enjoy!

Ice cream that is white

A good white dessert could be a basic vanilla ice cream. Add together:

Do 2 cups half and half

Do 1 cup whipping cream

The 1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons flavor extract.

Enjoy after freezing and combining!

Great for blue is a blueberry sorbet

If you love berries, then Fourth of July is the perfect time to try out a blue sorbet. Combine in blender:

Do 2 pints blueberries

The 1 pint blackberries or huckleberries

1/2 cup agave nectar or 1 cup simple syrup

Freeze it, then enjoy!

These recipes are just suggestions. You are able to combine, blend and love any kind of fruit, sugar, and flavoring to create fun kinds of desserts. No matter what, make sure to enjoy the Fourth of July!