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We're in First?

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Just out from American Farmland Trust:

    With the summer season at its peak, we hope you are enjoying the bustle and bounty of local farmers market and, in turn, supporting them through our America's Favorite Farmers Markets™ contest Your role in spreading the word about farmers markets has meant that even more people can appreciate fresh, healthy food while helping our farms and farmers. With seven weeks to go, the contest is far from over and here are some new ways you can build the buzz around farmers markets!

    Just this week, we have unveiled our new statewide leader boards!
    Check it out: America's Favorite Farmers Markets By State
    The up-to-the minute listings highlight the top five markets with the most votes in all 50 states (and the District of Columbia). Follow all the leader boards on our website or share as many as you would like with others by embedding them onto your own website or blog.

    And don’t forget the easiest way to get involved - Vote!
    Go to and support your favorite market!

    Online submissions will be tallied until midnight on August 31 so there is still plenty of time to vote for your favorite market and encourage others to do the same. Already voted for your favorite? You can still help more markets across your state or in other parts of the country by voting for them, too. Just remember, only one vote per market!

    As you relish the final weeks of summer, keep showing the love for farmers markets in your state and beyond by letting others know about the America's Favorite Farmers Markets™ contest.

    Thanks Everyone!!!

We never expected to be the top vote getter at any stage of the contest! Thank you all for your support. There is still plenty of time to vote so follow the link above. Thanks again!