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Culinate Newsletter July 14 10

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Some people relish the braises of winter, the bright green food of spring, the harvest of autumn. But summer's bounty is the food I wait for. 

 Over the last couple of weeks, my family has dined well at the tables of friends and family. Among the many good things we enjoyed were 

 • just-gathered morel mushrooms sautéed with garlic scapes
 • garlic scapes sautéed with asparagus
 • elk burgers
 • quesadillas made with peppers and Walla Walla sweets
 • an ethereal four-berry cobbler served with homemade vanilla ice cream
 • our first watermelon of the season
 • the best classic potato salad I've had in years (the secret was that the cooked potatoes were dressed with a vinaigrette overnight before being assembled into the salad)
 • grilled fresh-caught trout
 • bratwurst precooked in beer and then toasted on a stick in the fire
 • farmers' market salad greens with ginger salad dressing
 • and finally, just for fun, banana boats wrapped in foil and cooked in the embers of a campfire. 

 What riches — not only of food but also of visits with those we love. Now I'm plotting what I'll make for our house guests this weekend: maybe a raspberry tart I spotted in Food&Wine. Or David Lebovitz's delectable ice cream sandwiches. 

 We'll have a frikeh salad, sugar-snap peas from our garden dressed with mint and a mild vinaigrette, and grilled Oregon albacore tuna.

 As Ellen Kanner intimates on the Dinner Guest blog this week, summer food offers us an easy opportunity to be grateful. Feels amazing, doesn't it?

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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