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No worries for the 4th

(post, Lisa Garrison)

So weve invited a few friends and neighbors over for the 4th and I decided I was not going to go all foodie nuts, just simple traditional good food. Ok traditional could be anything. However, when I was a kid my mom made this banana split cake that was a hit with everyone. So got the recipe, picked up ingredients at the store and looked at what is in cool whip. Yikes put it back in the cooler, looked at it and thought, I am I being too anal?  Its once a year get over it. Grabbed it again, put it back. Just cannot feed this to my friends. Sigh. Real whipped cream it is. Not sure how it will hold up but I will only feel guilty for the calories. Is just once a year right.  Have a great 4th everyone!!  And drop in for some food if you in the 'hood