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A Summer BBQ with Burgers and Kaiser Rolls

(post, Cara Scatizzi)

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On a recent weekday afternoon, my fiancé and I decided that dinner should include Kaiser rolls. While I am the first to say that making bread is simple, it does take time (mostly inactive) for fermentation and rising. This can make weeknight bread baking tough, unless you plan ahead or use a bread machine. We are terrible at planning ahead.

We decided to grill burgers as filler for the Kaiser rolls. Jeff’s brother-in-law, Kevin, told me about the King Arthur Flour baking blog while we were visiting he and Jeff's brother, Brian, in Brooklyn (they are wonderful hosts, by the way). I bookmarked it and it has become a favorite of mine. I thought I'd see what the King Arthur Flour people had to say about Kaiser rolls.

The first thing I realized about Kaiser rolls is that, to be authentic, you need poppy and sesame seeds for the top and something called a Kaiser stamp. We had none of the above. 

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