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Self Defense Training

(post, Captain Chris)

There is a reason that Captain Chris Pizzo has dedicated his life to helping others learn how to defend themselves.  He once had a brush with death wherein him and his wife were brutally attacked and nearly lost their lives.  Ever since the day that Chris wasn’t able to adequately protect himself and his wife, he has decided to dedicate himself to helping other’s learn the ins and outs of self defense.

This is part of the reason that  Captain Chris was so shocked when allegations of him being a scam artist came about online.  He has always prided himself on being a fair businessman who is dedicated to his customers.  So when the allegations that he was charging people for nutritional supplements that they did not order came up, he was quick to combat them.

The whole story revolves around an innocent promotion that Pizzo’s self defense company, Close Combat Training had launched.  The deal was that when you signed up for the self defense DVD’s, you would receive one free month of nutritional supplements.  However, if you did not wish to continue to receive them, you had to notify the company.

Therefore, some people continued to receive the supplements, and got charged for them, even though they didn’t want them.  Thankfully, the confusion was settled and Pizzo issued a press release to his valued customers explaining the issue.  The nutritional supplements have since been discontinued in order to avoid any further problems. 

Captain Chris Pizzo is glad to have all of this confusion behind him so he can continue with the work he prides himself on so much; teaching others how to defend themselves in violent situations.  He believes that every single man, woman or child should at least know the very basics of self defense.  Even a rudimentary knowledge can in fact save your life in a time of need.  

Since Chris Pizzo has studied nearly every single type of martial arts available, which makes him an expert in self defense.  And instead of keeping all of this knowledge to himself, he has tried to make it as easily accessible to as many people as possible, the whole world over.  Through his best-selling self defense DVD’s, he has taught thousands that when it comes to self defense, size in fact does not matter.  Anyone, of any size can learn how to defend themselves against as attacker that is even twice their size.  With only a few basic points that can be learned in a matter of hours, you will no longer need to fear dark alleys at night, or bad neighbourhoods.  The sense of freedom that you will gain is unimaginable until you truly experience it.

So if you are looking for self defense training, look no further than Captain Chris Pizzo.  With the misunderstandings behind him, he is now once again dedicated to providing you with the absolute best self defense training that the world has to offer.