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Culinate Newsletter June 23 10

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 For the first time in a long time, the sun is reflecting on my computer screen, making it difficult to see — and boy, am I happy about having to move to the other side of the table.

 In fact, somehow today I'm feeling grateful for a lot of things — and right up there with the sun is the food I've been eating.

 Don't you love it when something you eat makes you stop and say "Whoa"? 

 Last week that happened to me — three times: The first was at a restaurant in Portland where the chef was teaching me to make one of her favorite five-ingredient dishes — and when she was finished I practically licked the plate. (I wish I could share the recipe now, but that's next week. Trust me, it's worth waiting for.)

 Next, it happened at the farmers' market, when I tasted the first Hood strawberries of the season. Their sweet rosiness seemed to mock that rain that has been falling all spring. 

 And then it happened Friday evening: Rolla and Cornelia cooked a simple dinner for four — but somehow the combination of grilled tri-tip (and my first experience with horseradish in a tube), minted peas, and roasted root vegetables practically made me weep. 

 Actually, I probably didn't get teary until dessert, a juicy, fruity strawberry panzanella from Heidi Swanson served over vanilla ice cream that I could probably eat everyday for the rest of my life.
 Like I said, whoa.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Anu Karwa, on how to convince your red-wine-only friends that rosé is worth trying."
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story2text: "In Washington, D.C., school food is on the legislative table. Kim O'Donnel, on where things stand." 

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recipe1text: Andrea Chesman's gift to early summer vegetables.
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recipe2text: Ditch the pancake mix! These are a breeze to whip up.

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