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The Summer of Bread Begins

(post, Cara Scatizzi)

There are two types of people in the world: those who love bread and its many incarnations and those who despise bread, mostly for its power to derail a diet. I am solidly in the bread loving camp. The thought of purposefully avoiding a basket full of warm, chewy bread at any of my favorite restaurants or skipping the bakery fresh bread at the Farmer’s market makes my head hurt. How (and more importantly, why) do people resist? My love of bread stems from my love of all things carbohydrate, especially pasta (I’m Italian, I have no choice).

One afternoon last summer, I was killing some idle time reading a few of my favorite food blogs and I came across a 15-minute video of a guy named Peter Reinhart talking about whole grain bread. Yes, a full 15 minutes devoted to the art of making whole wheat breads. I watched the entire thing and immediately bought a copy of Peter Reinhart’s bread baking bible “Bread Baker’s Apprentice.”