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Cornmeal Crusted Flounder with Oysters from Williamsburg Lodge

(recipe, Williamsburg Farmers Market)


Chef Rhys Lewis of Williamsburg Lodge shared this recipe at the market. He recommends accompanying this dish with Warm Satina Potato salad, Tomato Relish and Tarragon Pesto.


  1. 4 5.0 oz. portions of Atlantic Flounder
  2. ½ Cornmeal for dredging
  3. 2 to 3 oz. Clarified butter for cooking
  4. Kosher Salt & pepper to taste
  5. 8 Shucked oysters
  6. ½ cup Flour
  7. 1 Egg, beaten
  8. ½ cup Bread crumbs
  9. ⅛ cup Butter for frying


  1. Season the flour with the salt and pepper and dredge the oysters into the flour, then into the egg and then into the bread crumbs.
  2. Sauté the oysters in the butter until golden brown and reserve warm.
  3. Season the Flounder with salt and pepper and dredge in the corn meal.
  4. Cook 2 – 3 minutes over medium heat or until the fish is golden brown.
  5. Place a portion of the Warm Satina Potato salad in the center of the serving plate and top it with a portion of the Corn Meal Crusted Flounder.
  6. Place two Oysters on top of the Flounder and dot the Tomato Relish and the Tarragon Pesto around the dish and serve.