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Blogging is Attractive

(post, Denay Davis)

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Blogging about food, food products, food processing, product development, recipes and product sales for over four years lead me to the conclusion that Blogging is perhaps the most useful way to attract readers to your website; becoming a premiere Blogger involves putting on your stilettos, Pradas, or wing tips; strutting your literary stuff. 

All too often Bloggers are too concerned with educating, sharing the right information or spreading the latest news or discovery about a topic, product or service in their circle of influence. What readers are really saying is "Woo" me, "take me off my feet” with your divine words of wisdom and insight. 

It matters not your field of interest, talking about what you know and love will hook others of the same mind-set; and with so many different applications and methods for communicating with your readers it is recommended that you change up your style of disseminating information from time to time. You can:

1. Blog the written word with factual references to add credibility.
2. Create a podcast of a conversation between you and another Blogger discussing a  similar interest.
3. Create a Vlog or video Blog so readers can see and hear you; a picture is worth a thousand words, well, not really.

Remember your Blog is not just about information, in some cases it is about entertainment, holding that 2 minute attention span using 200-300 words, 1000 max, and creatively sharing information that has either not been shared before or will impact the life and times of "Ridgemont High", not literally.

So the next time it's your turn to Blog think outside the box, make your voice heard in a fun, exciting, creative manner because Blogging really is attractive.