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The Food and Cooking of the Caribbean, Central and South America

(book, Jenni Fleetwood & Marina Filippelli)

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From the mountains of southern Chile and the vast plains of Argentina to the tropical Caribbean islands, this book offers a complete overview of Caribbean, Central and South American food and cooking. Traditional recipes are brought to life and stand alongside dishes that have been given an elegant modern twist.

The comprehensive reference section provides fascinating insight into each country's history as well as its culinary influences and traditions. Also included is a thorough listing of regional ingredients, from staples such as corn, chiles, and plantains to exotic items you may never have heard of before, including chayotes and cassava.

The Caribbean and Latin America are renowned for their delicious street food and snacks, available from beach vendors or roadside stalls. Start your meal with spicy beef empanadas or serve Mexican tostadas with beans, chicken, guacamole, and cheese as a satisfying lunch. 

The extensive coastline of the Caribbean islands and Central America means that fish is an important ingredient, with the focus on simple, fresh dishes such as sea bass ceviche and crab and corn gumbo. Meat is also popular throughout the continent, but particularly in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, where the finest cuts of beef or lamb are often barbecued and served with bread, salad, and salsas. 

Desserts focus on aromatic fruits and coconut to cleanse the palate, while sweet snacks are mainly influenced by Spanish traditions and make great use of ingredients such as eggs and sugar. (Try quindao, a traditional Brazilian coconut flan.) Finally, a section on drinks offers a choice of cooling punches and potent cocktails.

With more than 150 inspiring step-by-step recipes to try out on family and friends, this book (first published in 2004 and reissued in 2009) is a must for all adventurous cooks. Discover new ingredients and techniques and recreate the authentic flavors of these deliciously varied cuisines.
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