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Urban Pantry

(book, Amy Pennington)

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Urban Pantry is a smart, concise guide to creating a full and delicious larder in your own home. It covers kitchen essentials, like which basics to keep on hand for quick, tasty meals without a trip to the store, and features recipes that adapt old-fashioned pantry cooking for a modern audience. 

Avid chef and gardener Amy Pennington demystifies canning and pickling for the urban kitchen and provides tips for growing a practical food garden in even the smallest of spaces. Her more than 60 creative recipes blend both gourmet and classic flavors while keeping economy in mind.

Urban Pantry holds sustainability at its center: Take advantage of local ingredients, eliminate wasteful kitchen practices, and make the most out of the food you buy or grow.
Carrot-Coconut Milk Soup
Steeping Fruit