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At her elbow in the kitchen

(post, Nisrine Merzouki)

As a child, I used to get very excited around this time of year. Not only because school was going to end soon, but also and especially because of all the fun I knew I would soon be having with my mother in the kitchen.
It was our summer ritual, our mother-daughter tradition, that ignited my interest in cooking. As a child, the whole experience was filled with fun. From the colorful produce to watching my mother’s every move and absorbing her passion for cooking, to the jovial laughter and intoxicating smells, to the thrill of performing an “adult” task — I loved it all.
The memories created every summer are treasures I still cherish to this day. I encourage every mother, aunt, or big sister, every father or big brother, to grab the little ones in their family by the hands and drag them into the kitchen for what can be an amazing educational and ludic experience. Summer is approaching. Seize the opportunity to connect with children and create magical, everlasting memories.
Tagines, couscous, salads, omelets — I learned to cook them all in my summer cooking camp, right in the heart of my mother’s kitchen. Year after year, my tasks became more complex as she trusted me with more sophisticated dishes. And year after year, my culinary confidence and passion grew stronger.
[%image reference-image float=right width=400 caption="Moroccan pancakes, just like Mom's."] 

Moroccan pancakes, or baghrir, are something I learned to make during my summer kitchen sessions with my mother. This recipe is easy, fun, and suitable for an adult-child experiment.

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