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Culinate Newsletter June 2 10

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Awhile back we hosted [/mix/dinnerguest?author=4350 "Curt Ellis"] on the site, blogging about his film '"King among other things. Now Curt and his collaborator Ian Cheney are working on a new project — well, a couple of them actually. One is helping to set up FoodCorps, a food-centric [/articles/sift/foodcorps "national volunteer program"] that brings gardens to public schools.

 Another is Truck Farm, in which the two planted a garden in the bed of Ian's old Dodge pickup in Brooklyn, raising food awareness as the "crops" grew. Now, Curt and Ian are using Kickstarter to raise money for a documentary about urban farming in New York. Curt writes:

 "Traveling in Ian's mobile garden (itself a central character), we've filmed rooftop farms selling produce on a commercially viable scale, vacant lots being reclaimed for school food, and barges populated with chickens laying harbor-fresh eggs.… We don't claim that these projects on the frontiers of urban agriculture will answer the challenge of feeding 7 billion people healthfully and sustainably, but we think they're engaging enough and ingenious enough that they can help do something just as important: motivate the rest of us to think creatively about how to make fresh, healthy food available to all."

 Got some spare change? Check out the project, and then join us in supporting the efforts of these energetic and creative people. But hurry: To qualify for funds, they have to reach their goal of $15,000 by June 10.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Author and wok expert Grace Young seasons a new carbon steel wok — and revives a well-loved one, too."
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story2text: "While he's no fan of dining with yellow jackets, Matthew Amster-Burton appreciates a good Japanese picnic."

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recipe1text: "Grace Young's refined stir-fry is perfect to make right now, while the asparagus is plentiful."
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recipe2text: "As long as the weather remains cool, Carrie Floyd is drawn to meals in a bowl, like this hearty soup."

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