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Favorite Food at Home

(book, Rachel Allen)

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In Favorite Food at Home, Ireland’s favorite chef, Rachel Allen, “the Irish cooking queen” (BBC), provides inspirational, easy-to-follow recipes for delicious, comforting, soul satisfying meals you can prepare and enjoy at home with family and friends. A teacher at the famed cooking school at Ballymaloe — and the Emerald Isle’s answer to Nigella Lawson — Allen has already been featured in Food & Wine, on Today, and on the Martha Stewart radio show. Favorite Food at Home will likely make her a household name in America as well.

Favorite Food at Home draws on international influences, classic regional Irish fare, and good old family favorites to provide creative options for every occasion, whether planning a simple family meal, hosting a festive dinner, cooking a romantic meal for two, or just relaxing on the sofa with your favorite comfort food.
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