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Asparagus Soup ala K&J Farms

(recipe, Williamsburg Farmers Market)


Another recipe sent to us by our asparagus growers at K&J Farms in Diggs, VA.


  1. 3 lb. fresh asparagus (keep ½ lb of tips aside)
  2. 4 cans fat-free chicken broth, divided
  3. 2 cups skim milk
  4. 1 cup flour
  5. 1 stick light margarine
  6. ¼ cup olive oil
  7. ½ cup fat-free half & half
  8. 2 t granulated garlic powder
  9. 1½ t salt
  10. 1½ t black pepper
  11. 1 lb. peeled, cooked shrimp (Optional: cook raw shrimp in water containing generous amounts of Old Bay Seasoning. Reserve 1 cup of this liquid after the shrimp are done and add to soup along with other liquid ingredients.)


  1. Cut 2-½ lbs of asparagus into 1" pieces reserving ½ lb of tips.
  2. Place in microwave-safe dish with ½ cup water, cover tightly with plastic wrap.
  3. Microwave until tender, but NOT MUSHY (8 Min for medium diameter spears).
  4. Puree cooked asparagus in blender or food processor.
  5. In a large soup pot, melt margarine with olive oil over medium heat.
  6. Combine dry ingredients and add to oil mix, stirring constantly until well blended.
  7. Continue to cook this roux until slightly browned (use a wire whisk to break roux into crumbled texture).
  8. Add 2 cans of broth to roux, whisking briskly to avoid lumps.
  9. Turn heat to low and add remaining broth, pureed asparagus, milk and half & half to pot, continuing to stir frequently.
  10. While pot simmers, cut reserved raw asparagus tips into 1" pieces.
  11. Add raw asparagus to soup with shrimp (and shrimp liquid, if desired) and simmer for 20 minutes.