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Cooking and writing

(post, Margaret Studer)

It seems that when I cook, I mean really, really, cook, there is not enough time to write. When I write, or at least when I write to the best of my ability, I do not have time enough to cook the way I want to. I am a food writer, so that creates a problem.

Ate at Kafe Neo yesterday. Vegetable omelet was not the way it was described on the menu. The vegetables were chopped so small that I could not tell what they originally were. I felt they must have had chopped vegetables in a bin waiting to be tossed into an omelet. Also, there were no olives as stated on the menu and no herbs or flavoring of any kind. I did, however, discover graveira cheese, which was good. 

No recipes from the Tea Spot Chef this week, but I need to get busy and Fritter some of her other recipes.

Also, The Republic of Tea has tea seed stir fry oil. I am itching to try it, but it is $10.00 for the smaller bottle.

I bought 3 cookbooks at the dollar bookstore last week, one by Emril Lagasse and one by Graham Kerr. Emril's is about Christmas cooking in New Orleans. I will never cook anything from the book. I just like reading it. The Graham Kerr is his  Minimax book, the one in which he reduces the fat and calories in gourmet foods by altering the recipes. 

I signed up for Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution newsletter. Now if we just can make sure people can afford the ingredients, that would be great.